A.   Facilities Management

       (Soft Services)

  1. Contract Cleaning.
  2. One Time Cleaning.
  3. Post Construction Cleaning.
  4. Garden Maintenance.
  5. Marble Restoration.
  6. Marble Vitrification (Crystallization).
  7. Floor Washing.
  8. Floor Polishing.
  9. Complete floor care, including Stripping, Sealing, Waxing and Burnishing.
  10. Carpet Shampooing.
  11. Upholstery Shampooing.
  12. Rest room clean-up and sanitizing by preventing cross contamination of bacteria.
  13. Window Cleaning.
  14. Cleaning of high-rise building glasses, wall claddings.
  15. Sign board cleaning.
  16. Awnings Cleaning.
  17. Pest control (Spray and Gel treatment).
  18. Waste Management.

B.   Facilities Management

       (Hard Services)

  1. Annual Maintenance Services (Air Conditioner, Electrical & Plumbing Maintenance)
  2. Air-conditioner Installation & Maintenance
  3. Electrical installation & Maintenance.
  4. Plumbing Installtion & Maintenance.


 What is London Cleaning & Maintenance Company (LCM)?

LCM is a global leader in the Facilities Management that teamed up with Al Yafei International to establish a presence in Oman.

Al Yafei International has been in the Omani cleaning market for 2 decades and has established a solid reputation, and a sizeable and professional workforce. By uniting with LCM, Al Yafei International is ensuring that it can provide a global standard of Facilities Management services for the Commercial, Residential, and Industrial sect[ors.  

Why should I choose LCM over other cleaning companies?

  • Our senior staff have all completed the cleaning operators proficiency course conducted by the British Institute of Cleaning Science.
  • Most of our new clients come from recommendations from existing clients.
  •  We use state-of-the-art equipment, supplies, and techniques.
  •  We know what we’re doing. We use the right training, the right equipment, and the right chemicals, to avoid long-term damage to your building (many clients do not realize that damage to their expensive flooring, carpets & other surfaces is caused by incorrect cleaning applications).
  •  Our staff is reachable by phone 24 hours a day. If you have an emergency (no matter what time of the day or night) we will be there to help.
  •  LCM places great emphasis on hygiene in such areas as kitchens and toilets where attention to detail is paramount.
  •  We know how important security can be. We make sure that the people we employ are absolutely trustworthy.
  •  We get the job done quickly, safely, & with a minimum disturbance to our customers.
  •  We have a vast experience in this field and have come across most of the problems you, as a facility owner, may face.

Why should I appoint a cleaning contractor instead of employing my own cleaners?

  • Out-sourcing reduces the overall price of cleaning your premises.
  • We take care of worker’s compensation, insurance, sick leave, gratuity, airfare, accommodation,  transportation, and labor office legalities.
  • We take care of the hidden expenses related to machinery, its upkeep & its  replacement.
  • We take care of the every-day hassle of staff supervision and quality control, leaving you to concentrate on  your core business.
  • If some of our workers fall sick or take annual leave we have workers to replace them.
  • If you employ your own cleaners you still have to engage a professional contractor to do periodical and specialized services such as carpet shampooing, floor polishing etc. in order to maintain and protect your surfaces. You are therefore paying twice, once to your own cleaners, and once to an outside contractor.
  • Inadequate training, and a lack of chemical know-how on the part of your own cleaners, will result in PERMANENT damage to your expensive floors & other surfaces.

How competitive are your prices?

  • Our prices are extremely competitive in comparison to the services we offer.
  • Many contractors use the practice of skimming to carry-out jobs at low prices. Having quoted rock bottom prices, their profits have to be achieved by way of cutting corners, leading to dirty and unhygienic premises. This always results in the following:
  1. The image of the facility and the hard won good will get tarnished.
  2. The client is forced to replace the contractor.
  3. The client realizes that he has lost a considerable amount in terms of reputation, expense, and time by attempting to initially save on the price of his service contract.